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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

There are going to be times, no matter where you are on the spectrum of entrepreneurship or timeline of your company, where you are going to be required to step up in ways other people just wouldn’t. Melissa calls this the storm before the calm, and if you currently feel like you’re in the eye of the storm, you’re...

Aug 22, 2023

There tends to be a lack of confidence around the finance side of running a law firm, and many lawyers often find themselves floundering when it comes to their books. Whether you feel like you “should” know certain things about your numbers, find yourself spinning in emotional baggage around money, or have just...

Aug 15, 2023

Friday Wrap is the most critical component of The Playbook for your growth and development as a law firm owner. It’s what offers you the opportunity to evaluate your progress, hold yourself accountable, and learn from the experiences you’ve had.


This week, hear why Friday Wrap is a rich process that should never...

Aug 8, 2023

The Playbook is set up to help you stay intentional so you don’t fall into the trap of wishful thinking about how you spend your time. On this episode, Melissa is walking you through the brain dump process that makes your schedule work effectively and brings the Monday Map tool to life.


Discover how to discern where...

Aug 1, 2023

There are four preparation steps involved in the Monday Map process that will tee you up to have a more seamless experience. These activities were born out of questions people had as they were implementing Monday Map, so if you’re unsure about specifics as they relate to your calendar, Melissa’s got you covered.