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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

This week, Melissa talks with Tucker Cottingham, CEO and Co-founder of Lawyaw. Listen in for a conversation about the startup journey, digitizing legal services in order to make them them more accessible to the average American, and Tucker's philosophy of focusing on really understanding a problem before jumping to the...

Mar 23, 2021

This week, Melissa shares lessons learned from the March Sprinters. Listen in for words of wisdom about changing course when the plan gets thrown off, the importance of slow and steady progress ("turtle steps"), giving your brain space to think, and more.

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Mar 16, 2021

You all know that it's important to reduce your inputs (information and content that you let into your brain), but there are some inputs that are worth letting in. This week, Melissa shares a resource that has been endlessly valuable to her in terms of learning about finance and crypto-currency, for those who have been...

Mar 9, 2021

After a big event, whether it's a team retreat or a conference, it's common to feel excitement, inspiration, determination, or maybe a combination of all three. But as time goes on, this excitement might fade. This week, Melissa offers an important reminder: our thoughts create our feelings, not exterior events. If you...

Mar 2, 2021

Whether you're new to tracking, or have been tracking for a while, there is always space to grow. But growth happens over time, not overnight. Listen in as Melissa provides guidance to some basic metrics you should be tracking, and how to think through barriers related to tracking. 
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