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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Oct 1, 2019

Melissa shares a recent realization and some reflective questions to help and/or prevent personal depletion.

Show notes for Episode 9:

  1. Katie Kenny: Hair stylist and makeup artist (@lovekatiekenny on Instagram)
  2. Jim Hacking (Maximum Lawyer):
  3. Questions Melissa asked herself (that you can ask yourself too!)
    1. What are you deeply grateful for cultivating these last six months?
    2. When you look at that list (above), what stands out? What patterns, if any, emerge?
    3. Is your self-care routine supporting your physical, emotional, or mental awareness? (What is your routine? And is it working?)
    4. Where does your life need more balance?
    5. What are you ready to do differently?
    6. What did you open yourself up to (in the last 6mo)?
    7. What is important for you to remember (going forward)?
    8. How can you really pave the way for that?
  4. Gina Marotta: The Genius Guru, Career Coach & Spiritual Guide (@ginamarotta on Instagram)