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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Jul 8, 2022

Welcome to The Law Firm Owner Podcast, a show for owners who are ready to get clearer on their vision, really know their numbers, and leverage their mindset to build a successful firm. I’m your host, facilitator, coach, and founder of Velocity Work, Melissa Shanahan, and each week I will guide you through different tactics, tools and stories to get you the results you want.


I created this podcast to help owners take their firms from unorganized and unsustainable to truly intentional, so you can experience growth with greater ease. If you are ready to be a strong business owner, increase your revenue, take real time off, and build the law firm that gives you the life you want, this podcast is for you. 


I’ll be bringing a range of topics from the power of quarterly planning to accountability, business strategy and mental health. My approach will help you create sustainable success, not just in your firm, but in your personal life too.


If you like what you’re hearing and are ready to shift how you operate to make much-needed changes in your business, make sure you subscribe to the podcast and join me here each week!