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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Oct 11, 2022

If you’re in a place where you have multiple people in your firm contributing to generating revenue, this episode is vital for your planning and projections for next year. And if you aren’t there yet but you know you will be, listen closely because this will serve you when you go to hire. Your firm has fulcrum numbers you have to be plugging in if you want to plan forward in a way that allows you to make smart decisions, and one of these data points is your team’s contribution to the firm’s revenue.


Tune in this week as Melissa breaks down her process for evaluating your team’s cost, revenue production, and the margins you’re left with. You’ll discover the importance of figuring out your firm’s ideal attorney to support staff ratio, how to start thinking of your team as units of production, and why using this data will cut through the noise and help you make smart projections so you can not only budget well, but create the team culture you want.


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