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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

Use your calendar as a tool to elevate what you believe about yourself. 

This week Melissa shares a tactical way to set yourself up so that it is easy to believe what you want to believe about yourself and the growth of your law firm. 

Velocity Work Podcast episode 142: Is Your Self-Image a Match for the Firm You're Building, spoke to evolving your self-image. And in this episode, #144 Use Your Calendar to Strengthen Self-Trust, Melissa reveals how setting-up and showing-up for your calendar is a valuable way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. 

Use your calendar. It sounds too simple, but you can change how you view yourself as a firm owner by using your calendar as a barometer. Imagine choosing to use time finding a solution to the administrative time-suck instead of feeling like you can't help but be mired in it

Evaluate how you use your time honestly, and you see opportunities to take ownership of your time and to use it for solutions and growth.  When you take control of your time, you create new beliefs, you strengthen the way that you see yourself. That becomes the new foundation for what's next. 

Show Notes:

(00m 37s) This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

(00m 52s) A look back at #142 Is Your Self-Image a Match for the Firm You're Building

(01m 49s) Using your calendar to improve your relationship with yourself

(04m 04s) Do you like what your calendar says about you and your beliefs

(07m 10s) Up-levelling your mindset and strengthen self-trust

(08m 07s) Build the identity that you want by using your calendar effectively

(10m 20s) Creating integrity by doing what you said you we're going to do

(12m 17s) Shaping your narrative requires honesty, discipline, focus and commitment

Create space, mindset, and concrete plans for growth. Start here: Velocity Work Monday Map