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The Law Firm Owner Podcast

Mar 8, 2022

Where can you plug back in and actively appreciate the things that matter in your world and at your law firm?

Is it possible you are missing something remarkable right in front of you? There is likely something worthy of your focused appreciation right now that you are totally forgetting about.

In this episode of The Velocity Work Podcast #143: Active Appreciation, Melissa offers advice on using active appreciation as a way to experience richness in your own life - right now and on purpose.

Mentions: Ernie Svenson, Joey C. Vitale, Chelsea Williams, Chis White, John Strohmeyer, Louis CK

Show Notes:

(00m 37s) This week on the Velocity Work Podcast
(01m 05s) March 4, doors to Mastery Group will be closed, go to
(02m 43s) Actively appreciating your life and the things in it
(06m 17s) Louis CK Everything is amazing & Nobody is happy
(07m 50s) Where am I being jaded right now
(09m 07s) Discussion about prompting yourself to actively appreciate
(11m 57s) Taking delight in what has been created and where you are right now
(13m 35s) Practicing active appreciation in your work life AND personal life
(16m 05s) A story about my husband's accidents this past fall
(19m 47s) Choosing to practice active appreciation during tough times
(23m 55s) Active appreciation as a secret sauce to richness in life
(26m 02s) Using those in-between moments

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